Summer Recipe Book

Here at EcoRetreats, we’re working to build a community of people who are seeking to live more consciously. We can all support each other to make small, step by step, changes in the ways we live that contribute to preserving our amazing natural environment, and making the world a fairer, happier place.

We continue to engage with our past, new and return guests, and we’re launching a new brand ambassador programme. More details will be shared throughout the summer. Another exciting development we’re looking forward to is the launch of an Eco Retreats online community platform on which our valued friends and guests can interact with one another, and that will serve to connect sustainable businesses with their key audiences.

As part of this growth process, we saw it as being fitting to share our new recipe book with our current community of friends and guests! Our summer recipes are designed to nourish body, mind and soul during this summer season, and are quick, simple and cheap to make. Anyone for a mint chai? We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

If you want to take some time away and experience our forest retreat in the Dyfi forest of Wales, please note our summer slots are selling fast – so contact us today to book your retreat – or book directly online. Remember, return guests get a standing 10% discount – please contact us for details. If you want to see what our previous guests have written about their experiences at Eco Retrats, have a look at our online guest book


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