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Opening our 6th season!

Dear friends –

I spent last weekend looking out at the snow as I sorted bedding and counted pillows and boxes of teabags … It brought back memories of our first morning in Wales, back in March 2018. Just landed from South Africa and all sleeping on the floor by the wood burning stove in our tiny stone cottage up in the hills, we awoke to a completely unexpected covering of snow! That March was our first introduction to Welsh weather as we did our very first Eco Retreats set-up; our children were 1 and 4, our clothes very inadequate and I remember there being a lot of cushions to carry to all the yurts and tipis!!

It’s hard to believe we are now embarking on our 6th season running Eco Retreats!

It’s been a busy 5 years for us since moving here, including a new house and a new baby – and we’ve made some changes and upgrades to Eco Retreats over the years .. as well as deepening our connection with the beautiful forest in which we live and work (and of course, investing in some more appropriate clothes!)

We now love to welcome our return guests every year as old friends. The children become ever more helpful as they grow up and play their role in keeping things running and engaging with our guests. The juggling hasn’t got any easier but the community of support we feel and the joy and laughter every day make it all worthwhile.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to running a beautiful off-grid retreat where guests can unwind and reconnect with what’s really important in life. Our effort to find the perfect balance between comfort and wilderness. And the timeless majesty of the forest and those stunning views.

Today the skies are blue and I am feeling the rising excitement we feel every year as we get ready to begin welcoming guests again. We’re counting down the days till we open on 31st March!

We still have a few slots open in the Easter holidays so please contact us today if you would like to join us.




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