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We offer only 3 forest yurts spread over 50 acres – on a farm of over 1300 acres – to maintain your privacy and the beauty and tranquillity of the environment. Each of our forest yurts is situated in its own private area, far away from other guests, and has its own private eco-loo and outdoor hot shower and bath – fed by a natural spring on site for the purest bathing experience! Our yurt stays offer the perfect balance between wilderness and comfort and are well-equipped with a wood-burning stove and indoor cooking facilities as well as an outdoor campfire area. Our yurt stays are completely off-grid, the starry skies are free from light pollution and the forest yurts are lit by tealights and the glow of the flickering fire at night.

Select one of our beautiful forest yurts for your eco retreat adventure – and discover the magic of our yurt stays!

Meadow yurt

Ash Valley yurt

River yurt

A brief history of yurts in Wales

Yurts in Wales have become so commonplace these days that the notion of yurts in Wales sounds quite normal to us! Where better to spend time relaxing close to nature on a short weekend getaway or family break over the summer holidays.

Of course, yurts don’t originate in Wales! They’ve been around for thousands of years. It’s wonderful to know that you are sleeping in a structure that has been enjoyed for centuries, by people all over the world.

The earliest known depiction of a yurt structure is on a bronze bowl discovered in the Zagros mountains of Iran, dated to around 600 BCE. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote about yurts used by the Scythian people around 440 BCE, and the Italian explorer Marco Polo wrote of the gers used by the Mongols between 1274 – 1291. Apparently, the Mongolian leader Genghis Khan commanded his entire empire from a large ger! (Fast forward a few hundred years and loads of weary city folk in the UK are heading off to enjoy weekends away in yurts in Wales!).

How our forest yurts are made

Yurts are made up of a beautiful wooden lattice-work structure, covered with material. Mongolian yurts also have 2 central supporting poles, and usually have the fire in the centre of the yurt, spreading the warmth easily throughout the living space. Their circular shape allows them to resist winds from all directions – great for the steppes of Central Asia and also for yurts in Wales!

Covering the wooden structure of a Mongolian yurt are several material layers: a decorative cotton inner layer; a layer of felt which helps to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and keep humidity moderate all year round; a layer to keep the rain out (essential for yurts in Wales!); an outer cover to hold it all together; and finally, a layer to cover the crown wheel in the roof of the yurt!

In Mongolia, they say a yurt is like a human body – complete with bones (wooden frame), muscle (canvas), fat (felt) and skin (outer cover)!

Traditionally, nomadic cultures would move their yurts several times a year, but today they mainly form static homes. Still, they remain an important part of Central Asian culture; more than half of Mongolians still live in yurts.

Our forest yurts are simple, beautiful structures that support your relaxation and connection with nature

We absolutely love our Mongolian yurts in Wales and find they are super cosy and warm even when it’s cold. Our beautiful locally-made windows – currently installed in our Meadow and Ash Valley yurts – are our own addition, allowing those stunning views in; for our yurts in Wales, this means you can feel close to the forest even when it’s too rainy to venture outside! Inside we aim to offer everything you need and nothing you don’t need, so you can experience the joy of simple, uncluttered living. Our forest yurts feel simple and spacious, surrounded in turn by wide open space – so welcome for those who are escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city – and you can relax completely undisturbed by us or by other guests .


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