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Pre Arrival Information

How to find us

Please find attached the map that is ESSENTIAL to help you find Eco Retreats – please print this out and use it to find the turning off the main road onto the forestry road. If you’re using a Satnav, you can enter the postcode SY20 9HA which should take you to the end of the forestry road. However, please do not depend on the postcode alone as occasionally some navigation systems direct to a slightly different spot.

Once on the forestry road, follow the Eco Retreats signs – it will take a further 20-25 minutes to get to the retreat. The road is passable by normal cars but please drive slowly and carefully and enjoy the stunning scenery!

Please make sure that you bring everything you need with you (including your own towels) as we are about twenty five minutes’ drive from the nearest shops. All your firewood and kindling is provided.

Finding your yurt

We operate a self check-in system and ask all guests to please see yourselves to your yurt following the directions here. Please be sure to download and save or print before you travel as there is no mobile phone reception once you leave the tar road.

Arrival and departure times

We ask guests to arrive after 3pm on the day of your arrival and check-out by 10am on the day of your departure. (We can often accommodate a later check-out – please check with us a few days before your stay.)

We strongly advise arriving before dark as there are no lights on the forestry road or at Eco Retreats when you arrive.

Settling in

We’ll build your fire for you in the yurt and also in the bath’s fire-box, which you’ll need to start by lighting the firelighter inside (please add a fire lighter to the bath fire – we don’t leave it in in case it gets wet). Please note your bath will take 1.5 – 2 hours to heat up so please plan ahead! If you do need more wood, there is more in the woodshed (you may need to chop the larger pieces with the axes). Note there is a mix of light and heavier woods in the basket; use the smaller, lighter pieces to start your fires and the heavier logs are great for once the fire is going well and to throw on before you go to sleep. You can also close the vent on the front of the wood-burning stove about 2/3 before you sleep so that it will burn more slowly.

The clay pot by the door is the cool pot / eco-fridge to keep milk etc. cool. It should be cold, but you can keep refreshed by pouring a little cold water onto the sand around the plastic drum from time to time during your stay. There’s also a food storage box – feel free to bring ice or cool packs if you like for additional cool storage.

All the information and guidelines you’ll need for your stay (water, eco-loo, bath etc.) are in the Welcome book in the yurt in the basket on the bedside table – please do take the time to read through this.

Mobile phone reception

You probably won’t have mobile phone reception at the yurt but there are two good spots in case you need it. You can either continue along past the Eco Retreats car park up to a couple of barns at the top of our site – here you will see a yurt. If you head over towards the gate on the track that leads up to that yurt (being mindful of the privacy of the guests staying there) you will start to pick up a good signal. Alternatively, back along the forestry road to the crossroads just before the descent to Eco Retreats started, you will find a stronger signal.

Additional practical information

Please take a few minutes to read through some additional practical information to help you get the most out of your stay: [update URL]

Booking terms and conditions

Please find our booking terms and conditions here which we kindly ask you to take a few moments to read over before you visit us.


Please contact us [link to contact page ] if you still have any questions as you prepare for your retreat and adventure – we’re happy to help!