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Happy Winter Solstice!

As the year draws to a close, it’s a natural time for reflection and turning inward in the colder and darker days.

It’s been another roller-coaster year for many of us, and while times may feel tough, there is as always so much to be grateful for.

We are grateful this year for the growth and abundant energy of our 3 children, their joy in life, their endless curiosity and their capacity for love.

We are grateful for the beauty and serenity of nature, always grounding us and reminding us that all is well. We are grateful for the moonrise over the hills and the starry skies, for the call of the owl at night, for the tracks of the creatures around us discovered in the snow.

We are grateful for family and friends, for community and connections, for being able to support and be supported by so many people around us, both near and far.

We are grateful for growing wisdom and experience, for all the mistakes we make and all the learning and laughing (and crying!) along the way.

We are grateful for our health, for our food, for being warm, for having work that we love and sustains our family.

We are grateful for our spiritual path, for trust in the Universe and a greater love always holding us.

This solstice, can we find joy in simplicity, in slowing down, in dropping what doesn’t serve us any more? Can we commit to focusing in 2023 on the core of what brings us joy, and moving away from all the noise and clutter and commercialism that brings so much stress and so little true value into our lives? Can we renew our faith in living the world we want to see into existence through the power of the millions of tiny choices we make every day?

Eco Retreats as ever remains a sanctuary for all our guests, old and new, to reconnect with nature, their values and themselves; a haven in an ever faster-paced, more chaotic world.

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