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Happy New Year!

There is so much to look back on this New Year’s Eve; 2020 has been a challenging journey for many of us.

We have realised the importance of human connection – although apart more than usual, connection has never felt so strong or so important before.

We have realised the importance of divine connection, and finding an inner strength to navigate these turbulent times.

We have been forced to see in stark daylight the failings of the system we have constructed for ourselves, so full of corruption and control, so far removed from what we all need to thrive.

We have had to find our own truth in the midst of many conflicting narratives; a truth that resonates within our being and guides us in the most difficult circumstances.

We have re-discovered our own sovreignty, our ability to live in closer alignment with our truth, removing our energy from those systems that are no longer serving us.

We have felt fear, and remembered that love is always stronger than fear. While fear resides in our mind, love permeates our being and our Universe.

And so, at the end of the year, there is peace depsite the storm outside. There is hope and trust in a brighter tomorrow.

At winter solstice we celebrate the return of the light; we have felt a darkness this year but the light always returns.

At New Year we celebrate new beginnings. This year, we have been watching the death of old ways and systems; we are shedding old skins and emerging into a new world.

Each of us has the ability to participate in co-creating the New Earth we wish to inhabit, and to support one another to live this into reality.

2020 has equipped us with new tools and new resilience; we are ready to continue our journey without fear of the future. While there may still be rocky roads ahead, we know how to navigate these. In the darkest hour, our light shines most brightly.

We are excited to welcome many of you back to Eco Retreats this year. Eco Retreats is a special sanctuary that enables us to reconnect with ourselves through stripping away modern day distractions and living in harmony with nature for a few days.

Wishing you a happy and blessed 2021!

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